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Item # 8642 W08C

Silk Clip on Lampshades, White

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Product Info
  • Sold individually
  • Shade clips onto light bulb
  • Material: silk-like Shantung
  • Color: White
  • Size
  • 8" Bottom
  • 4" Top
  • 7" Side

  • Silk Clip on Lampshades offer a graceful shape to boudoir and accent lamps.  The white silk provides excellent luminosity. Easy to use: Shade clips onto standard shaped light bulb. Small size are  a great option for accent lamps. 

    These clip on lamp shades are made of fine silk like Shantung. They are finely tailored with self-piping on top, sides and bottom. Each is fully lined with satin to reflect light. These well made lamp shades provide lasting durability. If more than one shade is needed please order together to insure matching fabric dye lots.

    matching White Silk Lampshades fit onto Lamp-Harp
  • 8"  Lamp Shade
  • 10" Lamp Shade
  • 12" Lamp Shade
  • 14"  Lamp Shade
  • 16" Lamp Shade
  • 20" Lamp Shade
  • ......other Fitter Types
  • Uno Bridge Lamp Shades
  • Chandelier Shade

  • Install Clip on Lamp Shades

    Clip on Lampshades are great on smaller lamps which do not have a shade holder.  Shade has a two ring, spring fastener mechanism which clips directly onto light bulb. 

  • Standard clip-on lamp shades have 8" and 10" bottom fitters for use on dresser lamps, vanity lamps, buffet lamps, and candlestick lamps.
  • These Clip-on lamp shades have a 2 wire looped fitter intended for standard light bulbs.
  • Shade fits snugly down onto light bulb with shade top being slightly above light bulb top.
  • Light bulb height affects the proportional relationship of clip on lamp shade to lamp base. The taller the light bulb the higher the shade will sit.
  • Using Clip-on Lamp Shades

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