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    Wood Table Slides, 62 inch Leaf Opening

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Set - 1 Left Side & 1 Right Side
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Hardwood Maple
    • Finish: Sanded, Unfinished
    • Includes:

    Extension Slides for Tables

    Quality Wood Extension Slides
    • Accepts 5:  12" table leaves
    • Leaf opening: 62"
    • Closed Length: 30"
    • Set has 2:  5 section slides
    • Individual wood sections are 1" wide by 2-1/4" high.
    Additional info: Table Slide Installation
    More Wood Table Slides
    Extension Slides for:
    • Tables with 4 legs
    • Tables with a dividing base
    • Table-top moves with base

    Wood Table Slides are expertly constructed of hardwood maple. The wood is optimally dried in special kilns to minimize blocking or warping. Their design provides sliding with very little friction thereby  ensuring soft easy sliding. The quality is evident in the strong dependable service and smooth quiet action. Mounting holes are pre-drilled for easy installation. Screws are not provided as individual applications may require different length screws. Use #10 screws.

    Table Extenders for: 4 Leg Tables (table top and legs move together), Dividing Leg Tables base tables (table top moves with legs) and Dividing Base Tables base tables (table top moves with base). Each table-top-half moves jointly with two legs or half pedestal. When pulled to open, the two table-half's separate, providing an area to insert table leaves. Table leaves can easily be removed and two table halves pushed back together.

    Selection Guidelines & Considerations

    1. These slides have a camber, a specially designed arc, built into each side of slides. This slight arc or camber provides continuous leveling support to table leaves when table tops are extended.
    2. Closed Length of Table Slide: Should be equal to or greater than, one-half the length of table-top when closed.
    3. Leaf Opening Measurement: Length of open area when slides are extended: should be slightly larger than combined width of table leaves.
    4. Long Leaf-Openings: When using more than 2 or 3, 12" leaves, a drop down center table leg is recommended for added support.
    5. Extend Slides to produce the leaf opening.
    6. The more overlap that is achieved, between sections, when leaves are placed in the table, the greater the support.
    7. Table Leaves: The standard size for table leaves is 12" width however some tables may differ. How large is your leaf opening? This measurement is normally 1-1/2" - 2" longer than the number of table leaves your table accepts. For example: a table with a 26" opening will take 2 standard 12" table leaves. The extra inch or two provides maneuverability when putting in or taking leaves out.
      Additional Table-top Support:
      • Use table slides with larger-than-need openings. This results in a greater overlap of table slide sections, providing more support when the table is extended.
      • A drop down center leg can be added to tables with large leaf openings adding more support.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Kayla Miller
      Perfect! Great craftsmanship!

      I bought an antique table with five 11” leaves. The original extension slides were not in working order. I followed the recommendations for the length I needed and it arrived quickly. My husband and I were able to install the clearly marked slides in just over an hour. It pulls out smoothly and works just as needed. Highly recommend!!

      hugh norton

      it appears to be the only one available with these a great price !

      Richard Cummins
      Wood table slides, 62 inch

      Excellent craftsmanship; rapid delivery; very reasonable cost; easy installation

      Pamela McIntyre
      wood table slides

      good quality and fast delivery all good

      Rick Brown
      Table extensions

      I have a heavy wooden table 60” closed 108” extended that had metal slides. The slides buckled and twisted and became unusable. Ordered new wooden ones and they work perfectly. Delivery was very fast.

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