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Antique Victorian Drawer Pulls

Victorian Cabinet Handle

Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Brass
  • Includes 2 brass-plated mounting eyebolts with nuts
  • Measurement & Install Help shown below
  • 3" Center Hole to Center Hole
  • Overall: 4-3/4" Wide x 2-5/8" High

Victorian Antique Drawer Pulls are a dramatic reproduction style for furniture of the late 1800's. Boldly embossed appearance is reminiscent of this exciting era. The oversize backplate does a great job of concealing marks left by previous hardware, on vintage furniture drawers. Additionally this backplate can be carefully-bent to fit some serpentine drawers.

Backplate is made by pressing sheet brass into shape. These brass stampings were a popular production method used during the Victorian period.  Brass handle is held in place with two eyebolts. Brass has a darkened antique finish to look old.

Measuring Antique Drawer Pulls

  • Boring: distance between center of mounting hole to center of adjacent mounting hole.
  • If replacing handles:  replacement-handle-boring must match actual boring measurement in drawer.
  • Overall Size: width and height of handle at widest point.

Install Victorian Drawer Pulls

  • Handle attaches to drawer with two eye bolts.
  • To Install: start from drawer front.
  • Insert eyebolts through holes in backplate, front to back.
  • Continue inserting eye-bolts through holes in drawer, allowing eye-bolts to be loosely positioned.
  • Position handle and insert handle-ends into 2 eyebolts.
  • Push eyebolts with handle into place.
  • From drawer interior, screw nuts on bolts and tighten.
How to measure a Victorian Drawer Pull

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