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    Brass Drop Pulls

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Polished
    • Includes: 1 Machine Screw

    Handle Size

    Mounts from one hole in center of backplate

    • Backplate Diameter: 1-1/4"
    • Pendant Height:  2-1/8"
    • Pendant Diameter: 5/8"
    • Overall Height: 2-5/8"
    Measure a simple drop pull for furniture

    Brass Drop Pulls are solid, well made handles for drawers and cabinet doors. Their simple design complements many furniture periods. Pendant handle pivots up and down for easy use when opening furniture. Contoured, oblong shape is comfortable to grip. Use on drawers and cabinet doors. 

    These drop pulls are solid brass. Finish is polished but not lacquered. Over time brass may darken. Removable backplate is round. It is stamped brass. Pendant is solid brass. Hinged joint at top of pendant enables it to be easily griped. 

    Install: Center mount

    • Drop Pull mounts from middle of backplate
    • Insert post, at back of pendant, thru front of backplate 
    • Place on drawer front at mounting location
    • Insert machine screw from drawer interior thru mounting hole
    • Screw into threaded post in center back of backplate

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