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Brass Desk Lid Hinge Supports

Product Info
  • Priced and sold by the pair
  • One pair equals two hinge/supports
  • Material: Brass
  • Screws Included
  • Open length: 7"
  • Width: 3/4"
  • Opens to 180 degrees

Brass Desk Lid Hinge Supports act as both a hinge to open and close desk lids and as a support to hold desk lids in open flat position. Use on straight front and slant front desks where desk lid drops down to provide flat writing surface. 


  • These hinge supports are intentionally made to not-open-flat when held in your hand.
  • Once installed, the weight of the desk lid adds leverage to the hinge support. This enables the desk- lid to hang properly and not sag.
  • Support should be mortised into bottom of desk interior and writing surfaces. Has a 180 degree throw once installed.

Customer Reviews

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Substantial Brass Hinges

I have a mahogany desk from the '40s, with a fold down desk surface that has plaques me for years. The side hinges kept shearing across a screw hole, and I had then re-welded twice without success. Your brass hinges with a perpendicular reinforcing support fixed the problem for all time, and I could not be happier. They are so close to the originals, that visually, they melt right into the cabinet. Thank you for enabling me to reassemble a desk that was a wedding present to my father from his (somewhere he is smiling broadly, even though I stripped off all of the whitish antiquing he added to this desk in the early '60s)! Thanks again, from all three generations.

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