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Item # 10C31

Student Lamp Shades - Hand-painted Magnolia

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Glass Oil Lamp Shade

Product Info
  • Sold Individually
  • Material: Glass
  • Finish: Satin
  • Color: Green Mist - White Magnolia
  • Fitter: 10"
  • Height: 7"

10 inch Student Lamp Shades are delightfully handpainted with a large white Magnolia blossom nestled on a pale celadon green mist.  This subtle coloration blends with brass, nickel and clear glass lamps. A true southern lady, each shade is made in USA.

Student lamp shades are authentically reproduced using 100 year old techniques. They are glass, blown in a mold, in a half round shape with neck.  Over the years student lamp shades have adorned oil, Rayo and Rochester lamps. Use to provide a welcoming light on dark evenings.

Measuring 10" student lamp shades

  • Shade-fitter is the bottom edge diameter of lampshade. This measurement is typically slightly less than 10".
  • Shade-fitter sits in shade ring, tripod or spider for support. 
  • Opening in shade-holder, where shade sits, will be the fitter size. 
  • 10" fitter lampshades proportionally fit: 9" - 10-1/2" lamp bases.  Occasionally they are seen on taller lamps.
  • Lampshades are blown glass. Glass blowing techniques can cause slight differences in glass-thickness.  These differences can affect bottom diameter and weight of lampshade.  
  • If needing a pair please order together to assure match.

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