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Ivory Resin Candle Covers, Standard

Candle Socket Sleeve

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Poly Resin Beeswax
  • Finish: Satin
  • Color: Ivory
  • Standard Edison Base
  • 4" height
  • 1-3/16" inside, 1-7/16" outside
  • Use with #: 2445,2446,2447 sockets

Ivory Resin Candle Covers looks like real beeswax. Wax drips and faux finish resemble an aged candle. Ivory color blends with many sconces, hanging lamps, chandeliers and lamps. Long lasting resin candle covers are heat resistant, washable and will retain their shape and color indefinitely. They are made of a thick poly beeswax which is both both sturdy and durable. Cut with a bandsaw if shorter height needed. Use on new lighting or to replace damaged candle covers on vintage lamps. Candelabra size.

Install Resin Candle Cover

  • Slide resin candle covers over standard candle socket with cardboard insulator. 
  • Candle covers are not to be used as a socket insulator.

Before making any changes to electrical fixtures and/or lamps:

  • Disconnect plug/wire from the electrical source.
  • Turning lamp off will not protect you from electric shock.
  • If you are unsure how to safely proceed contact a licensed electrician.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melissa Eskilson
Smart and Classy Upgrade for Vintage, Reflector (Mogul) Floor Lamps

Fill a ceiling with recessed cans and LED strip lights, nothing warmly lights up an entire room like the three-arm, reflector floor lamps. I was hooked on the mogul floor lamp as a kid, when my grandmother would switch on the lighted marble base as a night light...which is why I had THREE of them to spruce up and repair. Two of my three moguls had kraft paper, yes, paper covers around the wiring of the three "candles". The third had polystyrene covers, disconcertingly melted around the top where incandescent bulbs had produced too much heat. The solution? Better living through modern chemistry...Paxton offered heat-resistant, resin candle covers. No more melted polystyrene or crumbling kraft-paper tubes. These are certainly not the cheapest candle covers, but they're undoubtedly the smartest, most historically appropriate, and best looking covers. Thanks, Paxton:)

Kevin Jarvis
Just like original

Inherited my Great Grandmother's floor lamp that has been passed down through the family. It was truly in bad shape and headed towards the dump. It had brittle wiring, gobs of epoxy resin throughout, and badly stained paper candle covers. My memory held images of more authentic looking covers with the wax drips. Old family pictures with the lamp in the older years verified this. The candles are sturdy and authentic looking and do not hold on to dust and dirt. The only problem I had with the installation was that on this particular floor lamp, they were slightly too tall to make the connection when screwing in the flame light bulb. Mostly the fault of redesigning of the bulb itself. This problem was easily resolved by adding a threaded nut or washer to the nipple where the candle socket attaches adding the needed height to provide ample spacing for the bulb to sit in correctly. Would definitely recommend these over paper covers any day. Something as simple as a candle cover can make or break your floor lamp in appearance and quality.

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