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    Black 12 Foot Lamp Cords with Plugs, SPT2

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Plastic Covered Wire
    • Finish: Black
    • Includes:

    Lamp Wire with Plug

    • 12 ft length
    • Type: twin wire
    • Approximate cord size: 3/16" width x 1/4" thickness
    • SPT-2 Plastic insulation 0.45" 
    • 18/2, 18 gauge, 105°
    • U.L., C.S.A.

    Black Lamp Cord with Plug is the ideal choice for iron floor lamps. The black color harmonizes with many shades of iron.  Generous 12' length accommodates standard 8' of floor space plus 4' for height of lamp.

    • Standard insulated 18 gauge wire has 2 parallel copper wires. Wire with smooth plastic covering is positive/hot, wire with slight ribs in plastic is neutral/negative.
    • U.L. Listed for table & floor lamps were cord is exposed. 
    • Stripped, copper-tipped ends simplify wrapping wire around socket screws.
    • Molded-on plugs are polarized and permanently attached to lamp cord. 

    SPT refers to the thickness of the plastic insulation on lamp wire:

    • This lamp cord set is rated SPT-2. It has a thicker plastic insulation covering than traditional SPT-1. The thicker plastic provides more protection and resistant to abrasion. It is designed for table & floor lamps. Slipping SPT-2 wire through 3/8" - 1/8 IP lamp pipe can be tight.

    More Black Lamp Cord

  • 12' Black Lamp Cord  SPT-1

    • Before making any changes to electrical fixtures and/or lamps:

      • Disconnect plug/wire from the electrical source.
      • Turning lamp off will not protect you from electric shock.
      • If you are unsure how to safely proceed contact a licensed electrician.

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