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Nickel Round Cup Caster, 1inch Diameter Wheel

Round Cup Caster

Product Info
  • Sold individually
  • Mounting screws included
  • Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Finish: Polished
Caster Size
  • Raises Furniture: 1-1/4"
  • Wheel: 1" Diameter
  • Load capacity: 200 pounds per caster
Interior Cup Size
  • Top 1"
  • Bottom 5/8"
  • Depth Of Cup: 7/8"

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If updating vintage furniture, replace all casters. This insures uniform height, style & appearance.

Measure round cup casters for furniture

Nickel Round Cup Furniture Castersadd both a unique dimension and exclusive look to furniture. These designer style wheels add a modern ending to chair and table legs. 

Nickel Round Cup Furniture Casters are substantial. Each is made of sturdy nickel-plated brass. The finish is sleek and shiny.  This round cup, encloses bottom of furniture leg, strengthening connection between caster and leg. Wheels swivel independently providing easy movement to tables and chairs.  

Additional Nickel Round Cup Furniture Casters

Install Casters

Load Capacity, caster strength and stability is directly related to correct installation. If a caster is incorrectly installed it will-not be strong or serviceable.

  • Compare leg-size to actual interior cup measurements as these dimensions closely represents actual leg size.
  • Use on round furniture legs.
  • If leg-size differs from cup measurement; furniture-leg will need to be altered to fit in cup.
  • Test fit, leg should fit snugly into round-cup. Mark screw hole location on leg.
  • Drill pilot holes for screws.
  • Position Cup on furniture leg, secured with two wood screws. 

Customer Reviews

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Barron Custom Furniture
Great caster

Great quality and super fast delivery. Great customer service !

Rick Barron
Nickel casters

Product surpassed my expectations. Delivery after order, is super fast and prompt

Jay C McLauchlan
Cup casters

Perfect fit and appearance

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