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    Brass Adapter, #1

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass
    • Finish: Unfinished
    • Includes: Steel Nipple

    #1 Oil Lamp Adapter


  • Threaded: to screw into 7/8" lamp opening
  • Center Hole: threaded 3/8" - 1/8 IP lamp thread

  • Brass Adapter  is a useful part typically used for a variety of applications. Use when converting oil lamp to electric. Screw adapter into #1 lamp collar. This reduces collar opening to 1/8 IP. Lamp socket is then easily screwed onto nipple. Brass adapter is also used on lamp socket clusters. In these applications the lamp shade extension screws into it.

    Larger Brass Adapter

    #2 Brass Adapter

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    Zel Canter
    Quick Shipping On Esoteric Parts

    I want to use brass pipe with interior threads, All I could find was lamp parts and lamps have their own peculiar scaling system. I settled on 1/8IP pipes; that means the pipe is 3/8" wide and the threads inside are 27 to the inch. There are no screws either standard or metric that have that thread. Finding fasteners is just as much a challenge. Paxton had the parts and an array of different ones. I am using the pipes "off label" so to speak, creating a display stand - actually several of them and putting together the necessary parts is a challenge for someone like me who not only is unfamiliar with the products but not very handy either. These will meet my design and it will work out.

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