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Item #1044

Queen Anne Burners, no2

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Burner for Oil Lamp

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished
  • Type: Queen Anne
  • Screws into a 1-3/16" collar opening
  • Requires: 3" base lamp chimney
  • Use shade-holder with 2-9/16" center hole

#2 Brass Oil Lamp Burners are replacement Queen Anne style burners that fit many glass oil lamps. These functional mechanisms are used to create light by burning lamp oil. Well made, oil lamp burners are brass. Side turn knob winds wick up and down within burner. White cotton wick included.

Brass burners have relatively fine threads. General replacement rule: best to use brass replacement burner if lamp collar is brass; use brass-plated burner if collar is brass-plated. #2 is a common size.  Use on oil lamps with a 1-3/16" collar opening. Oil lamp burner screws into lamp collar. It fits many but not all antique oil lamps.

Use with: Glass Lamp Chimneys

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Oil Lamp Guide

  • Only use "lamp oil" as a fuel source. Other oil types can cause fires and/or damage oil burners.
  • Leave at least a ½ inch of head-space when filling up your oil lamp.
  • Keep lamp reservoir half full so that wick stays properly saturated
  • Oil lamps burn approximately ½ ounce of lamp oil per hour.
  • Trim off charred edge of wick after every couple uses. If charred residue is not kept trimmed, wick will likely smoke and provide dim light.
  • Replace lamp chimney once lamp is lit to protect flame from drafts.
  • Oil lamps are only for indoor use.
  • Caution: A burning oil lamp should not be left unattended. Lamps should be placed out of the reach of children.

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