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Porcelain Wheel Brass Casters, Plate-type

Ceramic Wheel Plate Caster

Product Info
  • Priced and Sold each
  • Material: Brass & Porcelain
  • Screws included
  • Plate: three screw holes
  • 1" Wheel Diameter
  • Stem: 1/4" Diameter x 1" Height
  • Plate: 1-1/8" Diameter x 1/8" Thick
  • Raises Furniture: 1-3/8"
  • Load capacity: 150 pounds per caster

Porcelain Wheel Casters  are constructed with a substantial, solid brass fork and glazed white ceramic wheel. Brass fork has shiny polished finish. It is not lacquered and will naturally age over time. Caster swivels at swivel-joint between fork and leg plate. 

Historically porcelain wheel casters were used on walnut chairs and marble top tables. They were the darling of the Victorian era. These reproduction casters are made like the originals, that were used on 19th century antique furniture. The brass and porcelain combination creates a showy conclusion to furniture legs. 

Measure Plate-type Casters

  • Wheel diameter: diameter of caster wheel
  • Raises Furniture: is the height the furniture will be raised above the floor
  • Caster Stem:  measured diameter x height. 
  • Caster Plate: is a circular plate, with 3-4 screw holes, helps support furniture leg.

Install Porcelain Wheel Casters

Load Capacity, caster strength and stability is directly related to correct installation. If a caster is incorrectly installed it will-not be strong or serviceable.

  • Spiral-threaded drive stem must fit tightly into drilled hole, in furniture leg, with as little play as possible.
  • Round caster-plate adds additional support under furniture leg. Attach with 4 wood screws.
  • Please see: Installing plate type casters for more information

If furniture has missing or damaged casters: Replace all casters to insure uniform  height, style and appearance. 

How to measure Plate-Type Furniture Casters

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Porcelain Brass Castors

Thanks very much for the great castors. I haven't installed them yet but they should look very nice on the classic antique furniture I have. Someone had removed the original castors so I am glad that you carried these that match to the original..even better.. polished brass..and well constructed Thanks very much for the great product and great service

Dorothy C Meister
porcelain wheel casters

My Grandmothers 100+ year old cabinet is not a fancy piece of furniture, but sentimental to me. It held her wash basin and pitcher predating bathrooms in her very rural home. The casters were broken or missing so I found that Paxton had the nearly perfect replicas that fit perfectly. I am restoring the piece for passing on in my family.

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