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Item # 6454

Brass Casters, stem-style, X-Small

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Product Info
  • Sold individually
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished
  • Stem: Steel
  • Size
  • 3/4" Wheel Diameter
  • Raises Furniture: 7/8"
  • Stem: steel, 1/4"Top, 3/8" Base, 1-3/8" High
  • Mostly used on smaller chairs due to the 3/4" wheel diameter

  • Brass Stem Casters  are a small size. They were traditionally used on Victorian chairs. This minimalist caster requires minimal install-space, making it ideal for furniture with thin narrow legs.

    These reproduction casters are brass with a steel stem. Substantial fork and wheel are solid brass. Finish is polished, not lacquered. Stem-type is known as a spiral-threaded Philadelphia drive stem. 

    additional Stem-type Brass Casters

  • 1" Wheel Stem Caster

  • Measure - Install

    Caster strength and stability is directly related to correct installation. If a caster is incorrectly installed it will-not be strong or serviceable.
  • Threaded Stem Casters have a round shank with coarse threads known as a Philadelphia drive stem.
  • Use on round or square furniture legs.
  • Drill hole in furniture leg slightly smaller in diameter than diameter of drive stem. Depth should be approximately 1/4" deeper than length of caster stem.
  • Screw threaded steel Philadelphia drive stem up into pre-drilled hole.
  • Fit should be snug

  • If furniture has missing or damaged casters: Replace all casters to insure uniform  height, style and appearance. 

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