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    Vintage Wrought Iron Shelf Brackets

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    • How Sold: Pair - 2 Support Brackets
    • Style: Early American
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Cast Iron
    • Finish:
    • Includes: Wood Screws

    Replica Shelf Supports for Floating Shelves

    When Quality Matters
    • Short Arm Length: 7"
    • Long Arm Length: 9"
    more Cast Iron Shelf Supports

    Wrought Iron Wall Shelf Brackets enable the quick creation of shelving wherever needed. Simply mount brackets to wall and attach shelf. Use for clocks, books, nick-knacks and more. 


    • Mount iron shelf brackets with either long or short arm, supporting the shelf.
    • Number of brackets used depends on: length of shelf and weight it will support.
    • Support-arm should be approximately 75% the depth of shelf.
    • Attach shelf to brackets, before attaching to wall.
    • When mounting, screw shelf bracket to wall studs using longer length screws. For optimal support use a bracket at each wall stud.  

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