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Forged Iron Shelf Brackets

Product Info
  • Sold per Pair
  • One pair contains two brackets
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Finish: matte black 
  • Mounting screws included
  • Short Arm Length: 9"
  • Long Arm Length: 10-3/4"

Forged Iron Shelf Brackets add whimsical style to wall shelving. Unusual fan motif is eye catching. These Victorian style shelf brackets are a large size. Use when creating wide shelves. 


  • Mount iron shelf brackets with either long or short arm, supporting the shelf.
  • Number of brackets used depends on: length of shelf and weight it will support.
  • Support-arm should be approximately 75% the depth of shelf.
  • Attach shelf to brackets, before attaching to wall.
  • When mounting, screw shelf bracket to wall studs using longer length screws. For optimal support use a bracket at each wall stud.  

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