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8644 E12U

Screw on Uno Lamp Shades, Eggshell Silk

Threaded Uno Lamp Shade

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Silk-like Shantung
  • Color: Eggshell
  • Uno Fitter
  • Base: 12" 
  • Top: 9" 
  • Side: 8" 
  • Fitter: 1-1/4" inside diameter, threaded 
  • Fitter Recessed: 1/2" 

Eggshell Silk Uno Lamp Shades are an outstanding choice for both iron and brass floor lamps. Vintage bell shape and silk material are reminiscent of original uno lamp shades, used in the mid-20th century. Soft eggshell color is a quiet, comfortable hue both lit and unlit. When lit, lampshade emits a pleasing outward glow and a downward bright light for task surface.

Uno lamp shades are finely tailored from silk-like Shantung fabric. They are lined with a reflective off-white satin-material.  This reflective fabric is ideal for bridge lamps where light is directed downward for task work. Shades are self bound top and bottom with matching silk. The metal, rust resistant frame is round. A threaded uno fitter is at center of frame.  These uno lamp shades are an excellent quality, suitable for antique floor lamps. If you need a pair of shades, please order together to make sure they have the same fabric dye lots.

Fitter: This lamp shade has a special threaded uno fitter is at center top. Use on bridge arm lamps where lamp shade screws directly onto socket. It is frequently seen on vintage floor lamps.

Compatibility between Bridge Lamp-shade and Lamp-socket

  • Uno-threads, on new and old lamp sockets, can vary slightly.
  • Most sockets and shades will thread together, however occasionally the threading on some sockets is not compatible.
  • To insure compatibility, between threads on uno lamp shade and threads on. uno socket, it is best to purchase socket and lamp shade together.

matching White Silk Uno Lamp Shades

additional Eggshell Silk Lampshades

Install: Silk Uno Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps

Uno lampshades are used on lamps where shade hangs down from a lamp-arm. They are referred to as bridge lamp shades.

  • Bridge lamp shades have a 1-1/4" threaded ring at top center of shade.
  • Lamp requires a uno threaded socket.
  • Attach shade to lamp by screwing: threaded shade ring onto uno threaded lamp socket. 
  • Socket-switch is at top of shade for easy access.
  • Socket-swivel enables positioning of uno lampshades. Light is easily  directed  downward onto task surface.

Uno Lamp Sockets  Lamp Socket with uno threads

Uno Lampshade installed

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ronald Deitz
Shade for uno socket on antique bridge lamp

These type of shade are extremely difficult to impossible to find locally and big box stores are useless. This is an excellent quality shade and exactly what I was looking for and needed for my lamp. My order was shipped promptly and packaged carefully and I could not be more pleased with the product or the service !

James Curtis
Excellent and hard to find shade

I have been looking for a long time for a shade for a lamp from my grandparent's generation. This is a brass floor lamp with a rather orange finial. Real brass. real heavy. The shade screwed onto the receptacle for the bulb. You will never find one of these at a big box store, nor at a lamp store that mainly sells new fixtures. Paxton had the exact thing I needed. Looked and worked just like the original which must be at least 85 years old. Came promptly and was wrapped like you would not believe. I ordered a new receptacle just in case, but I haven't had to use it yet as the shade fit the old one perfectly!

Deidra Weekes
Uno replacement lampshade

This lampshade is beautifully made


Perfect color, perfect fit, perfectly crafted, perfect shopping experience to outfit my antique light!

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