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    To Determine International Shipping

    1. Please place your order online. It will-not include shipping costs if being sent to an international location. International shipping costs will be emailed to you for approval. These rates are in US dollars. The order is easily canceled if shipping options are not acceptable.
    2. Shipping Options are calculated in US dollars.
    3. Payment for any international order must be made by credit card. When the order is placed: a temporary-hold is put on the credit card, for the order total.  This temporary-hold only lasts 7 days.  If the order does not ship within this 7 day period it will be automatically canceled.
    4. International shipping options will be calculated after the order is received. This may take 1-4 days. Shipping options will then be emailed to you.  **Please be sure to include your email addressIf no-email is provided your order will be canceled. **Please check your inbox for the shipping options, occasionally they end up in the spam folder.
    5. After receiving the shipping options, please email us your preferred shipping option as soon as possible. 
    6. Once we know how you would like the order to ship, an invoice will be sent for the shipping cost. This invoice will include a secure portal for payment. Payment for shipping must be made within this 7 day period.
    Please note:
    • Be sure your email is included on order as shipping options are emailed. If you do-not receive shipping options within 3 days please check your spam folder or email us. 
    • Your order will be canceled if shipping is not selected and paid within 7 days from when order was originally placed.  

    International Shipping Costs are Expensive

    • Shipping Options are provided in USD (US dollars).
    • These options are only for shipping, they do-not include any taxes, customs or brokerage fees.
    • These rates are determined by: Carrier, Delivery location, Box size and Weight of package
    • Delivery estimates depend upon the carrier chosen
    • Shipping-rates vary widely from country to country 
    • Payment for international orders must be made by credit card, PayPal is-not accepted.
    • If your order is being delivered to a location that is not secure, it is the customers responsibility, to request additional handling such as requesting a signature, when placing your order.

    • Small orders are often cost prohibitive as shipping is expensive.

    International Orders Require: a Verifiable Google-Maps Shipping Address.

    Please check your address with google-maps for accuracy before placing your order.

    Payment Terms for International Orders

    Shipping Rates are provided in USD (US dollars) 

    • Credit Cards accepted for international orders.
    • PayPal is not-accepted for international orders.

    When will my International-Order ship?

    Your order will ship once the order and shipping payment is complete.

    Please be sure the shipping address is complete and accurate.

    We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages that the carrier has delivered. 

    For Domestic Shipping please go to: USA Shipping
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