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    Brown Fabric Covered Lamp Wire, twin

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    • How Sold: Per foot, in running lengths
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Fabric Covered Wire
    • Finish: Brown
    • Includes:

    Rayon Covered Lamp Cord

    Lamp Wire for Vintage Restorations

    • Type: #18-2 Twin Wire with plastic insulation covering all stranded wire
    • Rayon Cloth Covered
    • U.L. listed
    • Sold by linear foot in continuous lengths: if ordering a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 foot. Conversely if ordering a quantity of 8 you will receive 8 foot.
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    Brown Fabric Covered Lamp Wire was used on many portable lamps of the 20th century. It looks like the original, mid century cloth covered lamp cord.  Fine quality and authentic style make it an excellent choice for vintage lamp restoration and mid century lighting.

    This rayon fabric covered lamp cord is manufactured with strict safety procedures. It is for lamps and/or low temperature - low wattage applications. It is not-intended for appliances. 

    Install Fabric Covered Lamp Wire

    • Strip cloth covering approximately 2", exposing the 2 plastic covered wires.
    • Strip approximately 3/8" of plastic covering off wire
    • A UL knot is ideal however due to the rayon covering a simple overhand knot, tied at both socket and plug ends, protects cord from being pulled loose and stops fabric from fraying.
    • Black wire connects to brass screw, white wire to nickel screw

    Before making any changes to electrical fixtures and/or lamps:

    • Disconnect plug/wire from the electrical source.
    • Turning lamp off will not protect you from electric shock.
    • If you are unsure how to safely proceed contact a licensed electrician.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    JoAnne Appel
    Knowledgable staff

    The staff here obviously knows their stuff. Thanks again for your help.

    Robert Paine
    Rayon covered lamp cord

    The perfect choice for my Vintage bridge lamp

    Kevin Jarvis
    Double corded lamp wire

    HWould highly recommend this wire for restoration of antique lamps. With safety features in mind, this wire is easy to thread through arms and channels and holds it's shape when compressing in multiple arm lamp clusters. It is not bulky. Highly recommend.

    Good Stuff!

    Thanks for the quick shipping! Received just after noon today, and just what I needed. I will bookmark your site, seems like you carry lots of good stuff!!

    Sara Machlin
    Good quality but more effort to work with

    I am a total newbie when it comes to electrical wiring so I wasn't certain how to work with this cord. When I first cut it, the cloth covering started to un-fray into rather a messy wad. I then noticed that the two interior wires were covered in their own cloth sheathing -- there was this white material around each wire.So I first gingerly cut the white cloth from around each wire and then I cut the exterior gold cloth back, tidying up the messy wad. There is probably be a better way to deal with this cord and instructions would have helped (on the website at least). In the end, the look is very nice so it's worth the extra effort. (This extra effort is why I deducted one star.)

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