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    Antique Drawer Lock - Backset 7/8

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    • How Sold: Each
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Brass & Steel
    • Finish: Natural
    • Includes: 2 Keys & Mounting Screws

    Half Mortise Lock

    Half Mortise Lock Diagram
    • Backset- Distance To Pin: 7/8" (22 mm)
    • Overall: 2-3/4" Wide x 1-7/8" High (70 mm x 48 mm)
    • Selvedge: 2-3/4" x 9/16"
    • Bolt Projection: 1/4"
    • Key Size: Barrel: 3/16" x 1-3/4", 2-1/4" Overall Length, Key-bit Height: 7/16"

    We recommend reading: Selecting and replacing half mortise locks.

    Many lock sizes were made years ago. Few sizes are now made. Replacing old locks often requires cabinet work.

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    Keyhole Covers

    This cabinet drawer lock features a traditional design. It is often used on antique and vintage furniture. This lock is well-crafted with a sturdy extruded brass plate, steel box, and brass bolt. Use on drawers, desks, and cabinet doors hinged on right. The secure lever locking mechanism ensures reliable functionality.

    These half mortise type locks are for drawers and cabinet doors hinged on right. Lock fits into a partial cut out in furniture interior. No strike is necessary. Key turns one lever mechanism to secure lid. Once installed, lock is hidden from exterior view. These locks have a brass face plate with steel box and brass bolt. Made in England.

    Install Considerations
    1. Strikes were rarely used with half mortise locks. Typically wood is notched to accept bolt. However if preferred a generic #4521 strike is available separately.
    2. When using on doors: select according to side door is hinged on. This lock is for cabinet doors hinged on right.
    3. When using on drawers: Keyholes are off-center requiring lock to be positioned accordingly.
    4. Lock installs into a partial cut out in furniture. In closed position, lock is not seen. 
    If replacing a lock: the backset measurement must be determined
    • If you have original lock: measure distance between top edge of lock to lock pin in center of keyhole. This measurement is known as the backset.
    • If old lock not available, determine backset by measuring: distance from center of keyhole (where lock pin will be) to top edge of drawer or side edge of door.
    • The backset measurement of the replacement lock, must match backset measurement in original lock and/or keyhole location measurement in drawer or cabinet door.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Albert Toth
    Really good lock

    This lock was a good replacement for an old dresser that I was refurbishing that had original mortise but missing locks. These locks were slightly larger than the original, had a similar offset key location that was very similar to the original lock. So with minor adjustments to the original mortise, these locks fit nicely covering 95% of the old mortise. I’m very pleased with the quality and appearance of these locks.

    Jim F

    I am pleased with the lock and it works well, however I am very disappointed that there is a manufacturer’s name engraved on the facing edge. I used the lock as a replacement on an antique desk I restored….the engraving is not appropriate with the purpose of the lock.

    Richard Markel
    Perfect for my Needs

    I needed a very specific size for an antique plantation desk I only found it here. Great quality and perfect fit. Just what I needed

    Donald Gay
    good locks

    The locks apear to be made of good quality material. They look good also I have ot installed ay of them yet.
    Working on the chest for the locks


    David Richardson
    Solidly made

    I bought these locks to put into a cabinet made in the 1800's. I had to modify the existing mortises to make them work, but I knew that in advance. I also fabricated striker plates. I was pleasantly surprised these locks were not Chinese, but made in England.

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