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    Green Adhesive Felt

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Sold linear foot x 3 foot-width
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Felt
    • Finish: Green
    • Includes:
    • Sold linear foot x 3 foot-width.
    • If you order a quantity of 1, you will receive a 1 foot x 3 foot piece. Conversely if you order a quantity of 4 you will receive a piece  4 foot x 3 foot. 
    • Enter required number of linear-feet  in quantity box

    Sticky-backed Felt

    • Width: 3 foot
    • Length selected by customer - continuous lengths up to fifty feet
    • Thickness: approximately 1/16"

    Green Adhesive Felt is a favorite of many professional restorers as it provides an authentic appearance and is easy to apply. Historic green color was popular in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. It was traditionally used on writing tables, desktop surfaces and antique game tables. Although used historically, it is handy to have on hand. Adhesive felt is useful in concealing problem areas, lining silver cases and jewelry boxes and a scratch preventer when applied to bottoms of lamps and heavy objects.  The uses are endless. Made in USA 

    Felt is hand cut to customer specifications in continuous lengths. Amount cut is slightly greater than amount ordered as edge maybe somewhat uneven. Extra care is taken when shipping. Felt is not-folded but is rolled to eliminate creasing.

    BLENDED WOOL – RAYON FELT is a natural and sustainable fabric.

    It is both ecologically and animal friendly. When compared to acrylic-felt this environmental felt has many advantages. It has a softer more luxurious character with a slight mottled coloring adding natural appeal. Very useful as it holds up well to wear and stress. Beneficial in damp climates as the blended felt generally retains the qualities of wool being mildew resistant.

    additional Adhesive Felt

  • Brown Adhesive Felt

  • Measure Felt

    • Amount entered in quantity box, above, represents length of felt in feet. 
    • Length is determined by customer. Available in your choice up to 50' 
    • Width is 36", providing great flexibility when covering large or unusual shapes.
    • If you order a quantity of 4, you will receive a 4 foot x 3 foot piece. Conversely if you order a quantity of 10, you will receive a piece  10 foot x 3 foot. 

    Install Adhesive Felt

    • Cut green adhesive felt to desired size and shape
    • peel off paper backing
    • position to desired location
    • press into place.
    • When installing large pieces, it is best to peel small amounts of the white underside away from the clear sticky felt-backing as you press it into place. It is easiest to start peeling at a corner.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Green felt

    I used this for the surface area of my barrister bookcase-secretary. Application was simple and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for a great product and prompt service.

    Stephanie Prince
    Mixed feelings

    Good product, I have used in the past. However, took several days to ship and when received was no longer needed. Had to keep it because return shipping was 43.00, more than my refund would have been.

    This order was received on a Sunday afternoon and shipped on Tuesday. We try and ship on a timely basis, we apologize if this held you up.

    Alexander Gillinson
    the right stuff for the job

    Felt from vogue or Hobby Lobby doesn't have the adhesive back and will be too thick. You need this for a desk top replacement.

    tom greer
    green felt

    I used it to line the drawers and floor of a chest I spent a lot of effort building, and am very happy with it. First thought it was a little thin, but after fitting it I realized that thicker would have made it harder to trim in place. As with everything I've gotten from Paxton Hardware, it showed up quickly and is of quality I'm always searching for. Thanks a mil!

    michael conroy
    Looks great!

    The only thing I would change about this product is to have the peel-backing marked to make pre-cutting straighter--you would still have to use a blade to fit it exactly, but it would make a straight edge for the harder-to-reach areas. I used it on a Victorian cylinder desk, so the very back of the pull-out was nearly impossible to get to with a blade. The felt looks great and was a perfect replacement for the original surface. I am so happy that this was available and that I didn't need to use glue. This was my first attempt at such a project, so if I found it doable, anyone should find this product extremely easy to use. It arrived sooner than expected and perfectly packaged. Thank you!

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