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    Pressed Sheet Cane, 18 inch

    For size and product information scroll down page.
    • How Sold: Linear Foot, 18" width
    • Style: Transitional
    • Usually Ships In: 1-3 business days
    • Material: Rattan
    • Finish: Natural
    • Includes:
    • 18" Width x linear foot
    • ½" open weave pattern
    • If you order a quantity of 1, you will receive a 1 foot x 18 inch piece. Conversely if you order a quantity of 4 you will receive a piece  4 foot x 18 inches. 
    • Enter required number of linear-feet in quantity box

    Pressed Sheet Cane is 18" wide. This woven rattan material has a ½" open weave pattern. When new, this prewoven cane is a light blond color, as it ages it will darken to a honey shade. Use on chair seats, rockers, cabinet doors, canoe seats and benches.

    Pressed Sheet Cane is sold by linear foot. Width is 18". Cane is on a long continuous roll. Roll is cut in continuous-length to customer specifications.  Example: 3 linear feet = overall size  36" length x 18" width.

    More Pressed Sheet Cane

    Spline for prewoven cane

    Offered separately, as chair grooves differ in width

    Measure for Pressed Cane

    Figure amount of Pressed Sheet Cane needed: 

    • Determine chair-seat width (side - side) , between grooves, add 3" to this measurement.
    • Determine chair-seat depth (front - back), between grooves, add 3" to this measurement
    • Example: if chair seat is 12" width + 3",  14" depth + 3" = 15" x 17" overall piece of cane

    Install Chair Cane Webbing

    • Pressed Sheet Cane requires a groove in wood around chair seat perimeter.
    • Soak prewoven-cane until supple, about 30 minutes
    • Soak spline about 15 minutes
    • Position soaked-cane over seat opening, finished side facing up. Line up cane pattern horizontally and vertically with chair seat.
    • Gently tap cane into chair groove, holding with wood wedges
    • Continue pressing cane into groove. Front to back, side to side making sure cane pattern continues to be centered correctly on chair seat. Cane should be taught but not tight as it will shrink as it dries.
    • Cut away excess cane on outside edge of groove, slight below surface 1/4".
    • Spread thin bead of hide-glue around center of groove.
    • Press and tap spline into groove
    • Let chair seat cure 5 days before sitting on

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Phil Norman
    Came sheet

    Great stuff, good price, wonderful service. I have to go back because I forgot the spline.

    paul navarria pdnfurniturerepair

    wonderful, customer loved it

    Elly Johnson

    I shopped around to find the best price for my project, and this was it! Got exactly what I ordered and it came very quickly. My project turned out great and I will definitely be ordering more cane from Paxton Hardware for future projects!

    Lisa Nicholas
    Exactly what I ordered

    I ordered this for a headboard that I was making. It came out perfect and the cane is beautiful.

    Jim Murphy
    Pressed sheet cane

    good quality, worked well on chair being reaired.

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