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Wired Lamp Socket, Brass - Silver Cord

Replacement Lamp Socket

Product Info
  • Sold each
  • Material: Brass shell
  • Finish: Bright, Silver cord
  • Type: Turn Knob, 3 way
  • Pre-wired Lamp Socket
  • U.L. Listed
  • Silver cord, 8' length
  • Use with 3-way, standard base light bulbs
  • Screws onto standard 3/8" lamp pipe,1/8 IP
  • 250 Watt - 250 Volt

Wired Brass Lamp Sockets simplify the task of restoring antique and vintage lamps. No need to fumble with wires as lamp socket is pre-wired. This socket is convenient and ready to use.  The transparent silver cord is the most neutral lamp cord available.

This handy lamp socket provides three levels of light. Use with 3 way bulb. Convenient turn knob style. Socket shell is brass with a bright finish. Cord is transparent silver. Wire exits thru side base of socket cap.

Easy to Install

  • Simply screw base of lamp-socket onto standard 1/8 IP (3/8" OD)  threaded lamp pipe. This is a pipe-size is used on many lamps.
  • Add 3 way bulb
  • Plug into electrical outlet.

Additional Lamp-Cord Colors

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