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Wood Swivel Wheel Casters, Large

Grip Neck Stem Caster

Product Info
  • Priced and sold each
  • Assembly-Material: Steel, light brass finish
  • Wheel-Material: Hard Maple, walnut finish
  • Grip neck socket-sleeve included
  • Wheel Diameter: 2"
  • Raises Furniture 2-3/8"
  • Stem: 1/4" diameter x 1-5/8" High
  • Sleeve: 3/4" Base x1-1/4" High
  • Load capacity: 200 pounds per caster

Swivel Wood Wheel Casters are a generous size used on early 20th century cabinets, chests and tables. Vintage appearance suitable for antique and vintage furniture. Rolls on carpet and hard floors.

Wood wheel casters have a steel assembly and socket-sleeve for mounting.  Wheels are maple with a walnut stain. Caster has ball bearing fork mechanism providing enhanced turning ability. This mechanism enables caster to swivel easier when under load.

Additional Swivel Wood Wheel Casters

Measure Grip Neck Stem Casters

  • Wheel diameter: diameter of caster wheel
  • Caster Stem:  measured diameter x height 
  • Caster Sleeve:  outside base diameter x height 
  • Raises Furniture: is the height the furniture will be raised above the floor

Install Casters

Load Capacity, caster strength and stability is directly related to correct installation. If a caster is incorrectly installed it will-not be strong or serviceable.

  • Drill hole: 3/8" x 1 5/8"  in bottom of furniture leg. Insert socket-sleeve. Gently tap in place.
  • Some older furniture has socket-sleeve, from previous caster, still in place. Replacement wood wheel casters may or may-not snap into old sleeves. Old sleeves can be removed and replaced with new sleeves. 
  • Once socket-sleeve is in place: push caster-stem into sleeve until it snaps into place.

If furniture has missing or damaged casters:Replace all casters to insure uniform  height, style and appearance. 

installing grip neck casters

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brooke Benschoter
They were perfect!

These casters updated by six foot teak mcm table. They were the perfect replacements for the over industrial ones I had put on it initially. Came as promised.

Laura Kitley
Wood casters

Ordered the wrong type of casters the first time. Called and talked to a helpful lady and got the right ones. They are just what we needed for our Jenny Lind bed.

Joseph Fontenot
Very nice springs

Put these on my swings and it made a world of difference in the sitting down and swing action.

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